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YOU can be the change that you want to see in your community!

At Denver RAP we believe that every person has the power to make a difference within their community, or even around the world! All it takes is one motivated person, or group of people, to make a positive change. These changes can be small, such as encouraging your neighbors to recycle, or large, such as creating a non-smoking campaign.

Denver RAP is excited to have recently developed a Social Action Toolkit designed specifically for youth to work through as they take action on a matter that they feel passionate about. Creating social action projects allows youth to create meaningful connections, and empowers them to make better decisions in their lives.

What is Social Action?

Social Action is a way of creating change in a way that benefits others. It is a method of combining commercial marketing and social science to influence others in a way that is sustainable, positive and cost-effective. To do this you take the same process used to sell food, clothes, cars, etc., and instead use them to change the way that people think about an issue.

How do I Create Social Action?

Social action is a step-by-step strategy designed to help you reach your goal. To begin you must first look at the various problems within your community and decide which one you would like to address. Next you need to research the problem; it is important that you completely understand the problem In order to decide on the best solution. After you have identified the problem you will need to state your goal. The goal needs to be feasible and attainable. You will then need to begin planning and implementing your action plan. This includes building a team, brainstorming actions, gathering resources and putting your plan into motion. The last step is evaluation and feedback. This is vital to your project as it will help you as you plan future social action campaigns.

Let us help!

As you develop your Social Action Campaign, Denver RAP wants to help by providing technical assistance along the way. Please feel free to utilize our Social Action Toolkit, which can be found HERE, and make sure to call a Denver RAP prevention specialist at 720-944-2839 with any problems, concerns, or comments that you run into as you work through the Toolkit.

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