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Preventing drug and alcohol use before it begins is the most cost-effective, common-sense approach to promoting a safe and healthy community. One way to prevent teen drug use is by providing youth with fun, safe alternatives to drinking and drugs. When youth engage in constructive and healthy activities it can offset the attraction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. As a parent it is important that you learn about what is going on in the community and in school, and point your teen towards activities that may interest them, and encourage him/her to participate. Teenagers who are active in sports, volunteering, social or church groups are less likely to get bored, or seek out drugs and alcohol for fun.

Examples of alternative activities:

  • Going to the zoo
  • Learning to cook
  • Having a movie marathon
  • Joining a club or sports team
  • Visiting a museum

Alternative activities have not been shown to be effective at preventing substance abuse when used alone, but when paired with other prevention techniques, such as talking to your kids about alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, it can prevent the use of drugs and alcohol by youth.

For more ideas of fun, FREE activities; check out our activity calendar located HERE.

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