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The first ever STUDENT WRITTEN DenverRAP

blog is here! Read on for student perspective of

tobacco use in Denver.

Written by:

Aiden, 8th Grader at Skinner Middle School

Gabi, 8th Grader at Skinner Middle School

Jackie, 6th Grader at Skinner Middle School

Sawyer, 6th Grader at Skinner Middle School

A main health concern that’s perpetuated by the media is smoking. Growing up in a time where smoking is everywhere and depicted as cool, it’s hard for our generation to stray from the norm of smoking. There are many advertisements everywhere that try to sell cigarettes, for example, even though cigarette companies aren’t allowed to advertise on TV, they still find ways to show cigarettes in movies and shows.

                In addition to TV, there are cigarettes at everyday places like gas stations, where cigarettes are the main product. The media fails to inform the public about the large amount of health risks that comes along with smoking. Smoking is a bad habit that ruins your health and cigarettes are highly addictive. To stop the perpetual cycle of smoking, we need to educate the younger public, so their generation can avoid smoking. Specifically, in Denver, we can hold required health classes in schools and community centers that encourage not smoking and teach the high risk/dangers of smoking.

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