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Make 2015 the year of YOU!

The New Year is often seen as a blank slate; a time for you to evaluate your life, get rid of the things that no longer serve you and replace them with the things that do. This year why not resolve to make yourself a happier, brighter and more positive person by following the simple steps below. A happy life leads to a healthier life and can help build up protective factors against substance abuse and other life problems.

  1. Laugh:

    Laughter is an amazing way to stay optimistic. Make it a goal to take some time everyday to be silly and have fun.

  2. Appreciate what you have:

    Look around you, and take a moment to give thanks for the good that you have going in your life. It could be the amazing people, your rewarding job or the stellar hair day you’re having, but whatever it is appreciate it.

  3. Let go:

     Stop worrying about the things that you can’t change. If you have no control over something, worrying will only cause stress and maybe a few wrinkles.

  4. Make a plan:

    For the things that you do have control over make a plan. Sit down and write down what you need to do to meet your short and long-term goals.

  5. Work out:

    Spend some time EVERYDAY doing something active. If going to the gym everyday isn’t your thing find something that is. Play a sport, climb a mountain or even just walk to your local coffee shop. Do something to get yourself off the couch.

  6. Smile at strangers:

    Spread your cheerful outlook on life everywhere you go!

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