The DPS Substance Use Prevention Program has school health professionals in 28 schools throughout the district. For information about the specific programs being offered in a specific school please contact the school health professional assigned to that school.

Abraham Lincoln High: Tyrez Howard

Bear Valley International Middle: Megan Miccio

DCIS Montbello Middle and High: Micheal Gerber

Denver Online High: Joe Weber and Florence Tracy

Denver School of the Arts Middle and High: Erica Salazar

Denver School for Innovation and Sustainable Design High: Joe Weber

East High:Lauren Dodge, Theresa Mehler and Nickole Kalinay

Florence Crittenton High: Jeanette Nicastri

Grant Beacon Middle: Joe Weber

George Washington High: Gabriela Mohr and Susan Stein-Shevell

Hamilton Middle: Julie Goldberg

Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences Middle: Alice Franco

John F. Kennedy High: Annie Walden-Newman

Lake International: Andrea Grasso

Merrill Middle: Aimee Leifer

Noel Community Arts School:Sara Fellers

North High: TBD

Northfield High: Dina Zainy

Odyssey School of Denver K-8: Dina Zainy

Place Bridge Acadamy: Abelard Palmer

Prep Academy Middle and High: Lauren Dodge

Skinner Middle: Gabriela Mohr and Yvonne Sypher

South High: Alex Becker

Summit Academy Middle and High: Larry Botnick

Thomas Jefferson High: Megan Miccio

West Early College Middle and High: Rachel Weber

West Leadership Academy Middle and High: Andrea Grasso