Denver Inner City Parish

2525 S. Decatur St., Denver, CO 80219

(303) 350-5565

  • Provides addiction counselling



24 9th Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501

  • Early intervention program for teens
  • iTHRIVE is a bi-lingual early intervention program for teens struggling with drugs/alcohol abuse and it is also for the parents of these teens. Through a powerful combination of group therapy, experiential learning, parent education and individual psychotherapy (optional to both parents and teens), iTHRIVE supports an adolescent’s right to joy and productivity and we also support their families in reclaiming hope and happiness. Our groups offer a place for teens and parents to talk and process, receive support, and learn the tools and skills they need for recovery and for repairing relationships.

My Life My Quite

  • Tobacco cession program designed specifically for teen.
  • Five, one-on-one coaching sessions usually scheduled every 7-10 days. Coaching helps teens develop a quit plan, identify triggers, practice refusal skills and receive ongoing support for changing behaviors.
  • Self-help and educational materials designed for teens, with input from teens.
  • Additional support by phone, by text message or by online chat.

Sandstone Care

2100 S. Cherry Street, Denver, CO 80222

(888) 850-1890

    • For ages 13 to 18, Sandstone Care’s adolescent program is over 17 hours a week, predominantly after school hours. This program includes a heavy academic and vocational component (two-hour group academic support sessions for three days a week as well as weekly individual sessions with the academic & vocational adviser), weekly family sessions (multi-family group sessions and individual family sessions, if necessary), three-hour group therapy sessions for three nights a week (process, educational, and experiential sessions), and weekly community activities (private sessions at Phoenix Multisport).

Savio House

(303) 225-4100

325 King St, Denver, CO 80219

  • Provides gender specific groups
  • Provides services to children and adolescence
  • Helps with identifying and negotiating high risk situations and developing coping skills