Author name: Alan Armstrong

Prom NIght – Denver Resource for Awareness and Prevention

You’ve rented your tux or picked out your dress, bought your flowers, and if you played your cards right you even have a date. Now is when the fun begins. But this is also when the peer pressure starts to ramp up, with invitations to pre-parties, after parties, and sneak-away-to-the-parking-lot parties. You’re about to start

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But remember – you can take the most ridiculous, misinformed, just plain wrong “information,” and dress it up in a slick Website. If you’re not an expert, this can make obvious misinformation seem like real, scientifically accurate, clinically sound advice. It isn’t always obvious what information to trust, and how to make that decision. To help

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Everybody knows choosing not to drink is good for your grades, and good for your health. But did you know it’s also good for your social life? Have fun with the 85% of your schoolmates who have chosen NOT to drink. That’s right. According to the most recent Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, an overwhelming majority

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